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Tarot & Divination   |  Energy & Healing  |  Wiccan Teachings

Ceremonial Wicca – This is a two part class. The first class entails complete ritual format, (this also includes but is not limited to: the altar layout/tools/pantheons and spell work) do’s and don’ts of ceremony, and examples of raising energy in sacred space. The second class is a hands on class utilizing the construction of ceremony and raising and directing energy in sacred space.  Private one on one class $55.00

Herb Magick – Learn to use various herbs for spell work. Topics will include correspondences, consecration and application of herbs for various magickal workings. Also included is information on drying, growing herbs, tinctures, and teas. Each class will use three different herbs and essential oils. Private class $55.00

Candle Magick – This class will include color correspondences and metaphysical properties of herbs and oils to add extra energies to your candle spells. You will also learn how to consecrate and charge your candles for any metaphysical work. Private one on one class $55.00

Magickal Tools – Wands – Make your own personal wand! The fee for this class will include the base materials. You will have a choice of willow, maple, or orange wood and the metals for the tips of the wand. (iron and copper) the embellishments (crystal, gem stone, and others) are available for purchase. This class will also include the cleansing, consecration and charging instructions.  Private class $75.00

Knot Magick – Learn how to use knots with various materials to manifest your desires and also to store energy for later use. Also incorporates “counting” spells. Private one on one class $55.00

Talismans/Amulets – (given by Ross) Learn the differences between the two, learn how to construct, use, cleanse, and charge your own talisman/amulet. Private one on one class $55.00

Dowsing – (given by Ross) Learn the practical applications of dowsing using rods and the pendulum. Learn how to make your own out of simple household items. Private one on one class $55.00

Labyrinths – (given by Ross) Lean the history of labyrinths, how to draw them on various mediums, and the wonderful uses for this ancient meditative tool. Private one on one class $55.00


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